Outsourcing Made Easy

Why can you confidently choose CPL for your development, manufacturing, packaging and
testing of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical and OTC products?

Because we make outsourcing easy.
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Our expert team offers formulation, process and analytical development support of your new or existing products.




Specialized capabilities include solutions, creams, ointments, suspensions, lotions, gels, emulsions and pastes.



A full suite of packaging solutions to meet your every need, including tubes, bottles, sachets, applicators and more.



Our cGMP lab operations provide a comprehensive range of analytical and stability testing.

"In my opinion CPL sets the standard for customer service. That’s why we lean toward CPL. We ask a lot of impossible tasks and in my 10 years of doing business with them, they’ve never let me down."

Executive Director,
Materials Management
Leading Dermatology Company